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How we generate your portfolio report.

  • 1. Principles

    You send us building insurance certificates and organizational data.

  • 2. Survey

    We plan the inspection of your properties with the responsible persons on the spot. Markus V. Rohrer personally assesses the status of all parts of each building. The results and construction history data are recorded.

  • 3. Assessment and plausibility

    For each building element, the economically ideal time for repair and the proportion of the building value are determined. Are the numerical values plausible? Are they consistent with the building insurance data? We check it out for you.

  • 4. Data processing and evaluation

    All assessments are processed into a report with the aid of re-invest and are presented in the form of high quality graphics.

  • 5. Presentation

    We present the results personally to you on the spot. You can request further services as required: a regular update of the report, a DCF analysis, the formulation of a property strategy or consulting on implementation.