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A clear foundation for confident decision making.

With the portfolio report, we support you in your activities at the strategic level. You can plan reliably and convince others with well-substantiated statements in negotiations.

  • 1. Complete overview provides security

    No details, rather the big picture. Concentrating on the essentials is what the report is all about. For the first time, you gain a complete impression of the status of your building stock and its future development. A solid basis for your strategic decisions.

  • 2. Save costs by identifying the ideal time for investments

    Saving costs money, but it's worthwhile. Because targeted investment in buildings provides the best long-term returns. For every building and the total building stock, the report presents clearly structured graphics indicating the scope and timing of necessary investments. This allows you to plan many years ahead while already gaining an impression of the potential savings effects.

  • 3. Recognize the need for action, plan for the future

    Convert, renovate, extend, sell? The portfolio report provides an inventory allowing you to judge whether and when there is a need for action. This information will help you in later decision processes. For example, when deciding which alternative actions are possible and advisable.

Decide in favour of Rohrer Engineering, if you ...

... are responsible for a large number of properties and finally want to have a complete overview.

... need a comprehensive status assessment for an individual property, whether for a multi-family house, a church or a commercial property.

... wish to develop a  real estate strategy that optimally takes into account the condition, investment needs and economic viability of your real estate holdings.