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How our customers see us.

Hans Rudolf Hauri
CEO, RUAG Real Estate AG

„Correct decisions can only be made using correct data that are easy to interpret. The property status analyses of Markus Rohrer not only provide the basis for developing the right real estate strategy, but are also an essential steering instrument for effective allocation of resources for repair and maintenance.“  

Urs Dickerhof 
Emmen Count Counsil, 
Director Finances and Human Resources

„Thanks to the 'Rohrer Report', we finally have clear facts on the table. We now know exactly where and when we have to invest.“

Georges Brandenberg
Qualified Architect, Polytechnic, Risk Manager Natural Hazards,
AGV Aargau Building Insurance

„For me the 'Rohrer Report' is the foundation for medium to long-term maintenance planning. Without it, sensible budgeting just isn't possible. Now I have an overview that wasn't there before.“

Reto Bühler
Head of Construction and Project Management, 
Axpo AG

„Open, honest, absolutely professional. Markus Rohrer is one hundred per cent on the ball.“

Andrea Lenggenhager
Head of Municipal Construction Authority, 
City of Solothurn

„Mr. Rohrer has done his work professionally, expeditiously and with great commitment and high specialized competence. We are pleased the assessments are now available.“

Beat Krähenbühl
Leiter Liegenschaften 
Gemeindeverwaltung Riehen BS

„Our future-oriented partner for many years; strategic, skilled, reliable.“