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Our specialization: enabling the future

Our company has existed since 1985 and was founded by Markus V. Rohrer. We offer services relating to the appraisal, documentation and development of real estate. In these activities, we link together aspects of building technology, economic viability and sustainability.

We are active throughout Switzerland and work for numerous private sector property owners and public authorities. As a specialist in the assessment of building structures, we think and act strategically. In this way, we enable the future. We do not assume operative tasks. In other words: we do not build but perform exclusively an advisory role.

The sole managing director and proprietor of Rohrer Engineering is Markus V. Rohrer. Over three decades he has gathered wide-ranging project experience and has steadily broadened his areas of competence.

Markus V. Rohrer possesses wide-ranging knowledge about the life cycle of building structures and is continuously adding to this knowledge. Today he is regarded as the leading Swiss expert in real estate appraisal. Every year he inspects buildings to the value of many hundred millions of Swiss Franks.