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Expedient and targeted portfolio development.

As soon as your portfolio report is complete, we support you by providing several services as required:

Performing a DCF analysis

With a discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis, we record your cash flows, i.e. all income and costs, and use them to calculate the DCF value. The portfolio report supplies important numerical data for this purpose. The aim of the analysis is to make the different action scenarios comparable: which project, which investment promises the greatest DCF value? Are investments in a certain property worthwhile or should it preferably be sold and, if so, when? The DCF analysis provides clarity and security.

Development of a real estate strategy

The report serves as a basis for developing a strategy for your portfolio. What do you want to achieve? Where should your portfolio be in future? Your goals should be clearly defined. Other influencing factors, such as your corporate strategy, are also considered. Based on this information, we establish a strategic framework for action for you. This allows you to decide and act right on target.

Consulting on strategy implementation

Realize your real estate strategy, base your decisions on a holistic assessment. We recommend the steps necessary for implementation. Individual framework conditions such as budgetary considerations or higher-priority planning goals are included in our deliberations. You are offered guidelines on which you can base your future actions.